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Thanks to the help of a dear friend in securing the reservation, Honey and I were finally able to dine at Staplehouse for our 17th anniversary in June! Located in the heart of Atlanta’s Old 4th Ward, the multi-course tasting menu changes seasonally.

Our evening started upstairs in the Paper Crane Lounge with cocktails. It was intimate and lovely.

When it was time to be seated in the small, bustling restaurant, we were so excited!!

Each course is of tasting size and comes out individually. Our dinner took over two hours and was decadent, indulgent and absolutely enjoyable. We sipped a bottle of bubbly (courtesy of the same sweet gal that got us the res), talked, ate, laughed and and an exceptional time.

I took pics of the menu items, in order (I think), below. Each plate was its own work of art. The only thing I wasn’t crazy about was the chicken liver tart. It was too outside of my comfort zone, but I ate it nonetheless.

We came to know and follow the heart wrenching and inspiring story of Staplehouse through a few mutual friends connected to the Hidingers. You can read about it here.

Reservations are released online on the second Friday of every month at 12pm for the next calendar month. I gave a half-effort attempt a few times to get one but never succeeded. When I mentioned to our friend AW that I still hadn’t been, she was able to get us a coveted seat for the evening of our anniversary. It was special and memorable and we are still grateful for her help! <3

You can read about all of our Atlanta adventures and favorites here.

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One thought on “Around Atlanta {Staplehouse}

  1. Amanda, thanks for sharing! Based on your last post, my husband was able to get us reservations in late June. It was a fabulous evening and quite the experience. Thanks for sharing!

    Just added the Golden Eagle & Miller Union to my list too!

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