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I’ve looked around for beautiful, functional travel display maps for years. They were all too cutsey, too small, too bright, and so on and so forth. I was really hunting for something beautiful that would go with our decor and something with real push pins to track our adventures. I finally found Wendy Gold on Esty and knew my search had ended!

We have had a “travel bucket list” for our family for about five years now. It is United States focused since Honey and I were both very fortunate to see many, many places outside of the USA but not much at all of our own beautiful country over the last 4+ decades.

I hemmed and hawed over the purchase for months – they aren’t cheap! I polled my mom, sister, bestie and Honey on whether I should go with vintage or current, the USA or the world. I might have driven him crazy over it, because Honey finally suggested that for our 17th anniversary gift to each other “we just get both”. The modern gift is furniture and we had no space or need for that. :-)

I worked with Wendy to modify the banners at the bottoms of the maps as listed in her shop so that they would represent us as a family. She was very responsive and professional. The maps arrived in mint condition and I couldn’t be more pleased. I went with the largest sizes, vintage style maps, black frames and black push pins. (They don’t have glass.)

They are just beautiful hanging in our mudroom and my boys both raced inside after Alaska to see who would add those pins to our map. We decided to only pin places that we all visit together, and we can’t wait to add Pennsylvania, Louisiana and Alabama over the next six months!

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12 thoughts on “Travel Maps

  1. These are beautiful and how wonderful that you can customize them. Before kids, my husband and I had a travel map with the push pins. We both had our own color pins. The map got moved around over the years and a little beaten up so its in the basement somewhere. I would love to get a family one like you have…such a fun idea!

    1. Yes! We went back and forth on whether or not we do pins for our own travels before kids but decided to keep it as family for now. Of course, different colored pins is a great solution for that!

  2. Amanda,

    I love this…thank you for finding a great resource. We love maps. I was able to purchase a reproduction of our homes area including the neighboring city with a beautiful lake. I had it framed and surprised my husband with it one Christmas. Very vintage lookin.
    Our son who is 29 keeps asking if we are tired of it😊

    I don’t know if you are passionate about your colleges. This past year I contacted my sons undergrad and the University he is now attending for grad school…six months away from his Doctorate🥳. I was able to get aerial pics from vintage years of both campuses. I went to my local Walgreens and they printed for me. Basic frames from Target…he absolutely loves them.

    Love your posts.

    1. That’s a great idea! I also love maps. I had a puzzle made of our neighborhood from google maps once as a christmas gift for honey. Hardest puzzle we’ve ever done! I just googled and the specific one we have didn’t come up but that’s another idea for you.

  3. I absolutely love this! Thanks for sharing, Amanda! Not only will it be great for my own family, but it will make a great wedding gift for my niece who is getting married this fall. They live to travel!

    Enjoy placing every future push pin!

  4. This is absolutely perfect! I’ve been searching for a map of the US that we could track all of our national park visits on but I hadn’t quite found what I was looking for. Wendy’s site never popped up on my etsy searches but she has a beautiful national park map that we can personalize too!
    My family always struggles for what to give me for Christmas and this will be a perfect gift for me. Thanks for sharing!

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