Thanks for Going the Extra Mile {Bus Driver Appreciation Day}

Last week my PTA Hospitality Committee celebrated and thanked our elementary school bus drivers with a lunch before they headed on their afternoon routes. We each sign up to head one event (bus drivers, janitors, cafe, etc.) and mine was to co-lead Bus Driver Day!

We handed out invitations on Monday asking them to join us on Friday. The guests included all of the bus drivers and crossing guards. We set up a simple lunch table near the bus circle with a variety of food, snacks and drinks.

After pricing options at Chick fil A, we went with just sandwiches in lieu of their box meal options. We added bagged chips, fresh fruit and the cutest cookies! We also sat out bags for anyone that wanted to take their snacks to enjoy later.

The mom of a student did these darling cookies for our event. The bus drivers were thrilled with them!

We had all sorts of bottled waters, soft drinks and still drinks to choose from.

The committee head last year laminated all of her signs and passed them along to me. It was such a great help and a nice way to save time and money year over year.

The decor came from our homes and the paper products from the Dollar Store. The budget was small and we were able to use the bulk of it to go towards thank you gifts.

Speaking of which, each of our guests of honor received a $15 Target gift card and a pack of Extra gum. “Thanks for going the extra mile!”

As the busses left the school, we took down the signs and our kids joined us in cheering them on their merry way. It was so cute to hear them all honk their horns and say “THANK YOU!” over their loud speakers. Our bus drivers are some of the hardest working staff at our schools and it was an honor to set up something just for them!

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2 thoughts on “Thanks for Going the Extra Mile {Bus Driver Appreciation Day}

  1. That is a very sweet way to honor people who perform a thankless job each day, and a most important job! I am sure they were delighted to be just thanked and were blown away with how pretty it all was the nice gifts! Kudos to you all!

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