Happy Thanksgiving

I’m just popping in to wish you and yours a very happy Thanksgiving. We celebrated what we call “Merry Thanksgiving” with my side of the family last night. Since I already have all of my Christmas decor up and don’t ever host Christmas dinner, we have a holiday mash up.

Mother prepared the entire meal, other than Sister’s signature butternut squash soup and my honey butter rolls.

Honey and John slept in until almost lunch, while Whit and I watched the parade with my parents and Elsa. :-) We loved reminiscing about being in NYC last year for the festivities!

When Mother and Daddy-O headed out for their annual Thanksgiving Day movie fest, I earned my turkey trot badge. It was a glorious day in Atlanta and it felt great to clear my head with a few miles. I felt so bad leaving Elsa at home, but she will be able to start going out again on short walks tomorrow!

We spent the rest of our day at a convivial meal at my mother in law’s house! One of Honey’s cousins recently moved to Atlanta from San Francisco and it was so nice to have them added to our group. It was a lovely Thanksgiving filled with good food and great people.

Happy Thanksgiving!

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