Greetings from chilly Philadelphia! I’m popping in today with my musings from the last week or so…

Do you follow whoawaitwalmart on Instagram? I’m often astonished by some of the great items on that page! I was just thinking about wanting something like this for my sofa in the den. They aren’t available online so I need to get to a store next week.

I love this so much and find so much truth in it. It holds true in many different scenarios, but mostly with my boys.

A client sent me this AMAZING pic of her son on Expedition Everest one morning. How fun!

I’ve been loving this hummus lately. I posted it on my Instastories and Sister replied that she had just polished off her first container too. #twinsies

We have secured our tickets for the next Star Wars movie! It has been our Christmas break kickoff with the B family since the new movies launched.

I absolutely adore James Farmer and have loved all of the peeks from his sister’s wedding at his home. Everything was lovely and seemed so authentic.

This peek of fall outside of my bathroom window gave me pause the other day.

We’ve been snacking on the cauliflower gnocci from Trader Joe’s. I pop it in the air fryer and we dip it in marinara. I picked up the inside out gnocci this week but it wasn’t as good and made a mess of the air fryer.

With that, we’ve off to lacrosse games, Valley Forge National Park and a delicious dinner in King of Prussia!!

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6 thoughts on “Musings

  1. I have to ask the question of how this young man managed to be on the ride all by himself. I don’t think I have ever seen anyone on a ride at Disney alone unless they were an employee.

    1. Good luck! I’ve seen pictures from a client alone on Tower of Terror too! Usually happens first thing in the AM or last thing at closing.

  2. Walmart has really upped their game, haven’t they! I’m always surprised by the things I see on that account! Time is a thief isn’t it?, that hummus is AMAZING and I, too, adore James T. Farmer; Autumn has been beautiful now that we finally have the weather to go with it, would you believe we’ve never tried gnocchi?! (but now we will) – and I hope y’all have had the very best time exploring Philadelphia! xo

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