Turkey Talk

When John was barely talking I made this set of Turkey Talk conversation starters.  Each year we pass around a bowl of questions throughout the meal. When the bowl comes to you, you pick your question, read it aloud and answer it.

November 2013 153 copy

The premise behind the “game” is that sometimes the people you are closest to are the people you know the least about. Each year we learn something new about each person at the table… and these are the people that we are closest to in the whole world!

November 2013 154 copy

You can find my initial list here.  I started this originally with simple strips of paper with the questions printed on them.

And, while you can certainly make your own, I now have even more questions in the card format as an instant download for $2.50 in my etsy shop HERE!  In addition to using Turkey Talk for your Thanksgiving dinner, it would be great at family suppers all month long and would make a lovely hostess or teacher gift!!

November 2013 156 copy

Most of the questions are geared towards adults and young adults, but there is no reason why the littlest family members can’t play along.  I know mine enjoy just hearing the answers!

Thank you all so much for your kind words about Elsa yesterday. I have loved seeing her personality start to come back today!

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3 thoughts on “Turkey Talk

  1. I LOVE these! I ordered them from you years ago and took them to our big Thanksgiving get together with my big family. Uncles, Aunts, and cousins galore loved all the questions. It was a hit! I am hosting Thanksgiving for the first time but just for immediate family and in laws (22 in all). Turkey Talk will definitely be making an appearance. It will be a fun way to get the two families warmed up!

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