5th Grade Holiday Party

As we head back to Atlanta today, I thought I’d share what I planned for Whit’s 5th grade holiday party. Y’all know that I have had so much joy and fun planning these parties for both boys over the last nine years of elementary school… coming up with games, prizes, decor, creative food and the lot. It’s been one of my favorite things about being a parent!

Well, when I sat down to think about Whit’s class this year and reflect on what I’ve done in the past and big brother’s party in 5th grade, there was no question in my mind on what sort of party to plan. An unplanned, unstructured “party” full of fresh air and free play! <3 Kids get so little time to just be kids that I felt like they would enjoy 90 minutes of running, climbing, talking and playing. It is so unconventional at our elementary school that I was almost nervous to ask his teacher if it was okay. I also had a little inkling of doubt that maybe the other parents or room moms would think I was taking the easy way out. As it turned out, my co-room moms were completely on board and so was the teacher!

We had the whole playground to ourselves, ordered pizzas with the money we would have spent on party supplies and set up a cookie decorating table for anyone that wanted to do that. Without constraints on space, we invited ALL of the other parents to attend that wanted to and had a great turn out. I asked anyone that felt inclined to send in a ball, hula hoop or other outdoor toy. Nothing was structured, and the kids just roamed between four square, soccer, tag, sidewalk chalk, cornhole, blowing bubbles and more. They ate when they wanted to (if they wanted to) and had a fun time using a photo frame I picked up at Party City. It was a refreshing, wonderful and memorable party and one I wish I’d thought to do for John’s class in 5th grade. <3

I have LOVED working with two of my favorite moms this first half of the year. They are fun and real and funny and generous and we’ve made an awesome trio, if I do say so myself. :-)

I’ve got just the 5th grade finale left in my room mom duties from here until the end of time! It’s been a great ride!

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3 thoughts on “5th Grade Holiday Party

  1. Amanda,
    One of my fondest memories from elementary school is the class room parties we would have given by devoted and talented room mothers such as yourself. I was lucky to have a fellow classmate in my class three years in a row whose Mother always volunteered and was such a fun and great room mother! She made the best snacks and treats for each of our parties. I remember we always had a Christmas party, Valentines party and a end of year school party.

    BTW….hope you do a post on the four gifts the boys got this year. I always look forward to seeing this and I took a cue from your playbook this year and did this for my six year old great nephew. I gave him something to read (book) something to do (movie gift cards) something to learn (world puzzle for kids) and something for fun (laser tag game).

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