The Escape Game & El Felix Atlanta

The boy’s “to do” gift this Christmas was The Escape Game and dinner at El Felix! Both are located at The Battery, which is such a fun area of Atlanta. There are loads of shops, restaurants and community activities, in addition to being the home of the Braves.

The Escape Game

The Escape Game was our first escape room and I spent a good deal of time reading reviews and getting input before booking. It was a fabulous experience and we had a fantastic time. I can’t say enough good things about it!

We chose the Gold Rush game for it’s difficulty level (7 out of 10) and theme. This particular game can have 8 players and we were paired with another party of 4. You could also buy out the game (for us it would have been another $95) but we loved playing with the other group and worked well together as a big team.

As for the result… we escaped the Gold Rush by the skin of our teeth!!!!!!!!

If you go:

  • Book your reservation online to ensure a spot. We did ours the morning of.
  • As noted, you can buy out a room if you don’t want to play with others. We enjoyed the other group and would definitely want to play with others again.

A few tips:

I’m no expert, but I wish I had known these few things going in.

  • Everything in the room has a purpose. It is not just decor.
  • As soon as you enter a room, search it for clues hidden in the open (ie. not locked in boxes)
  • You only use each clue or item once. After you’ve used it, toss it out of your mind.
  • Our game was “linear”. This means that once you move forward to another room you won’t need to go back for anything.
  • However, if you pick something up in a room and don’t use it, take it with you!

We had so much fun that we took advantage of their offer to purchase a gift card to use in the future (no date, no time, good at any location and never expires) at 15% off.

The El Felix

I’ve been dying to try El Felix since the Battery opened. Chef-owner Ford Fry is also the brain behind my favorite Atlanta restaurant anywhere (JCT Kitchen) and two others I enjoy (The Optimist and St. Cecilia).

The appetizers were amazing – we loved the guac, queso and salsas (mix the red and green!). Honey and I shared the fajitas. They didn’t stand out to me as anything completely extraordinary but they were gigantic and yummy.

I’d definitely go back when in the mood for pizza. Of course, Antico is our favorite pizza and Holeman + Finch our favorite burger, so it’s always hard to pick at the Battery!

I can’t believe we are nearly to 2020!

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