Happy New Year from Orange Park Florida

We were up bright and early to hit the ground running on our first travel adventure of the new year and new decade! My cousin is tying the knot in Orange Park Florida tomorrow.

We are all staying on site where the festivities are taking place, at Club Continental.

We arrived starving and ended up in the cutest local coffee shop – Urban Bean.

We ended the night with a family dinner at the Orange Park Fish House and Oyster Bar. It was absolutely delicious! It wasn’t until after the meal that I saw it won best seafood restaurant in Jacksonville for 2019, and I was not surprised in the least. While I stuck with broiled shrimp and blackened snapper, my kids were at the “second cousin table” and apparently LOVED their alligator and conch fritters. (Boys!!!!) They had a marvelous night too. :-)

My family is very small – Mother has just one sister, Daddy-O was an only child, and I have exactly two cousins in the world! It was absolutely wonderful to visit with my aunt, uncle and cousins AND to see our kids together. The group ranges in age from 6 to 20 and, while they have met a few times over the years, it has been a good while since they were last together. Seeing as this is the sole picture I took of people (Mother and Aunt V), I am committed to doing a much better job tomorrow.

Happy New Year!!!!!!!!!

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5 thoughts on “Happy New Year from Orange Park Florida

  1. I was married at the Winterbourne, which is right there as part of Club Continental! I live in Jacksonville, so welcome to my home town! :)

  2. My father lives near Fernandina Beach just north of Jacksonville. I can’t wait to visit this part of when I go down there again.

  3. We were in Jacksonville for the TaxSlayer bowl. What a fun town. And that flower wall in the pictures from your Instagram was amazing. I really enjoyed the 80 degree temps, before driving back home in all of the rain. It took us two and half hours for us to get through Atlanta Friday evening with all the rain and wrecks.

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