Today for Lent

The Lenten season is here! I feel like a real Catholic, having lived it up during Mardi Gras last week. :-) My family is now on year seven of using our “Today for Lent” cards.  Each one has a prayer, act of kindness or a simple sacrifice and it has proven to be a wonderful, tangible way to bring Lent and Easter into our home every day.

You can find the free printable cards HERE >>> Today for Lent.  The first pages include our cards, and the last page is blank should you like to make your own.  Last year I pulled out 8 of the 40 that we had outgrown. We will go through them again to see if anyone has a new idea to contribute.

As far as what we are giving up, we are going to work very hard to give up plastic. I feel like we’ve become terrible at using zip locks, water bottles, forgetting the reusable shopping bags, etc. A friend posted the idea and it immediately struck home! So, as a family, we will be reducing our plastic footprint and hopefully making some new good habits.

How are you living Lent this year?

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4 thoughts on “Today for Lent

  1. Last week I was in Fresh Market and they had put out some “Hot Cross Buns” which I love during the Lent/Easter season. I commented to the young lady checking me out how much I loved these buns during the Lent season. She looked at me puzzled and ask what is Lent? I felt overjoyed getting to explain to her what Lent was and truly felt God had put me in her line for that purpose. Maybe that was my Lent card for the day!

  2. We are also in post-Mardi Gras mode here at the house, and as I stare at the bags of donations in the dining room (next to the bags of beads!), I realized that I am way too quick to buy little things for the house that I don’t really need (hello, Target!).
    So, I am keeping a list of the things I see while out shopping or looking online, and when Lent is over, I will decide if I ever really needed any of them. Essentially, hoping to become more intentional and less wasteful in my life.

    1. I felt exactly like this when I was moving 10 years ago. So many THINGS that meant nothing. I can say with complete honesty that it was a turning point for me and I’ve really done so much better. I do have to check myself every now and then – especially with Lilly. That is my weakness! But, as far as things in my house, I think long and hard about exactly where something will go before I purchase it. <3

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