An At Home Easter {Bunny Drive-By & Glow in the Dark Egg Hunt}

Happy Easter Saturday! Our at home celebrations continued today.

Easter Bunny Drive-By

The Easter bunny did drive-bys all weekend, tossing eggs to the kids out to see him. I love this shot of my darling neighbor. Elsa was completely fascinated by the whole thing.

While the boys scraped and repainted the bench out front and Elsa shredded a tennis ball she dug up, I watched the sun set and was overcome with gratefulness that staying home is our most important role in the “war”.

Glow in the Dark Easter Egg Hunt

A glow in the dark egg hunt capped off our night! Thankfully I saved all of the eggs from last year’s hunt. Thanks to Amazon, I had a bunch of super bright glow sticks delivered to my door.

A few notes on pulling this off:

  • Purchase bracelets, as opposed to glow sticks so that you can bend them to fit inside of your eggs.
  • Don’t fill your eggs too early as the brightness diminishes over time.
  • I purchased these that had great reviews and were very bright. They are much brighter than the one pack I had from the dollar store.
  • You will want BIG eggs for this. The largest you can find, in fact. For my smaller eggs, I used a piece of washi tape to keep them closed.

I didn’t have anything to fill them with and figured the boys wouldn’t want a bunch of little trinkets anyway. Instead, I put a little slip of paper inside each one with values of anywhere from $0.25 to $5 in the big egg.

After the hunt, which was a HUGE success, we sat on the porch in front of the fire, listened to Zac Brown and tallied up the winnings. John took his in the form of credit to his debit card and Whit took his on the xbox.

I worked on setting our little Easter table today and prepared much of the meal for tomorrow. Happy Easter!

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3 thoughts on “An At Home Easter {Bunny Drive-By & Glow in the Dark Egg Hunt}

  1. Love the glow-in-the-dark egg hunt idea! How fun!

    Happiest Easter, friend. He is risen! ✨

  2. Did you train Elsa not to leave your yard or do you have an invisible fence. My sweet pooch would have been running down the street chasing the Easter Bunny

    1. We have an invisible fence! She was trained on it at about 6 months old and has never once tried to breach it.

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