Mother’s Day 2020

Today I’m sending all of my love to Marme. It is hard to find words monumental enough to thank her for the sacrifices she made for us, the confidence she instilled in us, and for the wonderful example she gave us to model.

I am also immeasurably grateful to be celebrated myself today. Being mother to John and Whit has been the greatest joy and adventure of my life. From Cinderella castle in 1980 to Cinderella sandcastle in 2020, magic still abounds.

To all of the moms and mother figures out there, here’s to you. The past two months have been like none we’ve ever known. We are mothers, teachers, cooks, housekeepers and playmates. We are counselors, nurses, employees, hair stylists, and coaches. Somehow, we are doing it all.

This Mother’s Day, I am more thankful than ever to have a home, a safe home, and that in a worldwide pandemic my key role is to hunker down in that home. I am thankful for the time to be fully present for my boys. I am thankful for this precious chance to not just be their mother, but their village. I’m thankful to be involved in their lives in a way I haven’t been since they were toddlers. I am thankful.

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