Back to Baseball {Free Printable}

Whit’s spring and summer lacrosse seasons were cancelled before they even started. We thought he would want to pick up where he left off, but after mulling it over for five months he decided to go back to baseball! Needless to say, Honey was thrilled (he played baseball at Georgia Tech)! They spent two solid weeks on the field brushing up on his skills before tryouts. After a nervous week waiting on the results, we’ve got a baseball player in the house again!!

I was at Trader Joe’s when Honey texted me the news, and I swear I turned the corner and this was staring at me. I made a little tag for it and this is how we shared the news.

Knowing that a lot of kids are signing up and trying out for fall ball right now, I put together a printable page for your own treat! You can save this photo as an image or download the PDF below.

I’m SO ready to play ball!!

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