RunDisney {Virtual Race Series Challenge Wrap-Up}

I really missed not having a runDisney event to complete this year. So, when the summer virtual race series came out, I was excited for the opportunity to bring a little magic to the streets at home! For three Saturdays in a row, I dressed up in a running outfit with a nod to the theme and headed off for a 5k around the neighborhood.

Elsa and I completed the first event, the Mad Tea Party 5k.

My bestie and I blasted off for the Space Mountain 5k.

And Honey, Elsa and I rounded out the series with the Haunted Mansion 5k.

And, for completing the three race challenge, I went on and did a fourth race on my own before donning ALLLLLL the race bling!

It felt REALLY good and REALLY motivating in the dog days of summer to have this to get me going each Saturday morning of the month. I never gave the virtual races a second thought in previous years, but think it will be my own little summer tradition going forward.

Happy trails, y’all!

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3 thoughts on “RunDisney {Virtual Race Series Challenge Wrap-Up}

  1. Congrats on finishkthe races! Just curious, when does registration usually open for these events? Do they fill up pretty fast?

    1. It was April this year. I’ve never done one previously, but it was such a fun thing for 2020! They do sell out but it isn’t cut throat.

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