Daily Delight {Spring Porch Tour}

I cleaned every crack and crevice of our porch last week before Mother and Daddy-O arrived for their first visit in forever! It looked so good, and was such a lovely day in general that I spontaneously filmed a video tour for y’all.

I also took a bunch of still photos that I will upload and share later. This is our most used room of the house and a place we spent an extraordinary amount of time!

For now, you can take a peek at an old tour here!

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3 thoughts on “Daily Delight {Spring Porch Tour}

  1. Hi Amanda,
    I love your porch, but every time I see a picture of the fireplace area, it looks like than bottom right plate is hung higher than the bottom left?

  2. Such a lovely area. Please do a video of your pool area too.I’m having a pool built, no where near close in size to yours but would love to see and dream. As a girl who lives in south Florida, all I can think of is where to store all that furniture if a hurricane comes 🤨

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