BTS BLT’S {First Day of School Supper}

With the boys on different school schedules again this year, I did a first day of school supper rather than our “special snack” of elementary school. As an aside, I won’t have them back on the same schedule until they are a freshman and a senior. Time flies. Hold on tight mamas.

I chose a favorite (and easy) dinner for the first night: BLT’s!

I used much of the same festive decor from breakfast again at supper.

I set up the BLTs in serve yourself style and they went like hotcakes.

As far as how things went… thumbs up all around! Yay!! I thought about them both Having them come home with good reports was everything I had hoped for. Whit eased right in and already has a favorite teacher. He even wrote in his agenda on day 1, which is unheard of (even on day 180). John seemed to have a little bit more of an adjustment essentially being dumped into high school as a sophomore and after 18 months of home “school”.

Being BTS feels good, y’all! Hoping you feel the same with your kiddos.

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