Root, Root, Root for the Home Team {Atlanta Braves World Series Champions}

Like most Georgians, we were tuned in to the Braves every night for days as they made their way to win the World Series! I still remember what an incredible time it was to live in Atlanta back in 1995 for the last time. My baseball loving Whit was dying to go to the parade and ceremony. As much as part of my wanted to stay home warm and resting my leg, I knew rallying to take him out today would be something he’d never forget. And boy did that turn out to be true!!

My bestie got us a room at The Battery, which was heaven! We had a place to park, warm up, use the bathroom and rest whenever needed. If you’re looking for a cute place in the action, I only have good things to say about Aloft!

The hotel had a rooftop balcony overlooking the parade route, but we knew the kids would want to be in the middle of the action, not looking at the tops of heads. We snuggled up with blankets on the curb all morning. We enjoyed Wahlburgers for lunch curbside, which was yummy and convenient. The people watching was GOOD and the atmosphere was just electric.

The parade took place in two parts, starting down in the city and ending at their stadium in Cobb County. It was SO MUCH FUN! Whit was totally into cheering for his favorite players and was over the moon when the trophy came rolling by! (Take a look at the man up on the ledge in the second photo. He watched the entire event from that spot. Seemed like a bad choice… lol)

After the parade, we joined the largest mob of a crowd I’ve ever seen in my life (and y’all know how often we do Disney crowds) to get in the stadium. We had amazing seats for the ceremony and celebration, and Whit’s best day ever just kept getting better. He cheered for all of his favorites and I just watched him watch them, feeling so thankful that I rallied to go and so blessed to be able to give him this experience.

After the ceremony, Big Boi, Zac Brown and Ludicrous played. And so, it ended up being Whit’s first concert too. :-) He was a little in awe of the fact that his momma could sing along to Ludicrous. HA! (Zac Brown and Ludi are two of my forever faves!!!)

After a break at the hotel, we ended our day with dinner at Garden and Gun Club and dessert at Jeni’s Ice Cream.

What a day to be an Atlantan!

Go Braves!

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5 thoughts on “Root, Root, Root for the Home Team {Atlanta Braves World Series Champions}

  1. What great pics….I know Whit and his buddies will never forget that day and being there to celebrate the Braves World Series Win. I watched every game of the series and was rooting for the Braves to take it. Being from Richmond, the Braves were a part of our city for many years (Richmond Braves) until sadly the city and team ownership couldn’t reach a deal on building a new stadium so they left and took the minor league team back to the suburbs of Atlanta.

  2. Fabulous! How fun! Thanks for the bird’s eye view. 🙂⚾️ 🍾🪓 Vin Scully said, “In the year Hank Aaron passed away, the Braves won 44 games before the All-Star break, 44 games after the break, and won the World Series the 44th week of the year. Aaron, of course, wore #44. Maybe the Braves had a secret weapon after all.” 😇💫⚾️💫 ❤️ Jane

  3. Memories made that last a lifetime! Thanks so much for sharing! We were out of town so missed it…..feel so blessed to have a “front row seat” because of you! Praying for healing for your body from Mrsa…….thankful to know it was not a spider bite and that you are on the road to recovery! May you experience God’s healing and tender mercies everyday.❤️

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