Celebrating New Years Eve

We kicked off our New Years Eve festivities at a delicious dinner out with Whit. John was with friends.

Afterwards, Whit had a few friends over to our place. He didn’t want to miss a good meal out, and so he started his soiree later in the evening. It is such a strange feeling with you reach the age where your oldest goes out and your youngest has a party. Time flies.

The boys at our house swam (we didn’t heat the pool!!), soaked in the hot tub, and played ping pong, basketball and video games until midnight.

Since we had already eaten, I merely opened a box of chocolates for the countdown. :-) I thought about making hot cocoa bombs and a charcuterie BUT we had a few other things going on that took all of my attention.

In the wee hours of 2022, we had a ramen-off. It was a lot of fun to taste their creations. We had a spicy ramen, a cheesy ramen and a beefy ramen. This wasn’t planned so they had a ball pouring through my fridge and spices to come up with their creations.

It was a good, good night. Happy New Year to you!

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