Deer Valley Utah {Day 1: Arriving at Montage Deer Valley & Fireside Dining}

When John turned thirteen his gift from us was a trip of his choice! He chose New York and we had an absolutely incredible time – experiencing the city and just being together. Little brother has mulled over his options for his thirteenth birthday since NYC and the day finally arrived.

Arriving at Montage Deer Valley

He chose a ski trip in a location we’ve never been! And so tonight, after almost a year of planning, we arrived at the Montage Resort in Deer Valley, Utah.

We were just overcome by the beauty as we winded the mountain roads to the resort.

We felt like we were arriving on the set of a Hallmark movie!

As the Montage came into full view, we were all grinning from ear to ear. Talk about a spectacular start to Christmas vacation!

We checked in, oohed and ahhed over how wonderful the resort was, dropped our bags in our suite, and walked along the magical, tree lined path to dinner.

Deer Valley Resort Fireside Dining Experience

Fireside Dining was an absolutely incredible way to end our first evening. Accounting for the time change, we sat down to eat at what was 11PM our time. John was out like a light after a week of exams and was not waking up for dinner. It was a late night for weary travelers, and we missed our fourth, but we have no regrets! We felt like we made the very most of our first day!

Fireside Dining offers favorites from the European Alps in the mountains of Deer Valley. The alpine inspired menu features four courses, each served from the hearth of a fireplace in the rustic lodge.

The first course, and star of the show, was the warm swiss raclette. It is served with a variety of accompaniments, including steamed tri-colored potatoes, house pickled pearl onions, housemade mustards, strawberry tarragon chutney, cured bresaola, sopressata Italian salami, and freshly baked baguettes.

In the Middle Ages, sheepherders in the Swiss Alps accidentally discovered that a half-round of highly aromatic raclette cheese, placed on a stone next to an open fire, would slowly melt. They scraped off the cheese and enjoyed it with their staples of boiled potatoes, pickled onions and hearty bread. This provided the sheepherders with a delicious meal, including all food groups and with no refrigeration. It was not until the 19th century that the people from Valais allowed this “Roasted Cheese” to migrate to the nearby regions of Bernese, Oberland and Nidwalden. As cheese production increased, the raclette tradition traveled across the Alps into other valleys, and finally to city dwellers, not only in Switzerland and France, but also to Deer Valley in Park City, Utah.

We’ve learned to guzzle water in the mountains, but couldn’t resist fireside snow sodas and a couple of signature cocktails.

The second course included salads and stews. Everything was absolutely divine, with favorites being the seared trout, short ribs and hand grated rosti potatoes.

I missed photos of course three, which was the carvery. The leg of lamb, tartiflette and roasted carrots were favorites.

The final course was, of course, fondue and flambe! I couldn’t get enough of the Deer Valley cookies dipped in chocolate.

We left with warm hearts and full bellies. It was a true dining experience!

A magical walk home capped off our evening.

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