Groundhog Day On Repeat

If you’ve been around here for a while, you’ll know I love to celebrate anything. When the boys were little, Groundhog Day was no exception. I did all sorts of cutesy things over the years – teas, sandwiches, pancakes, pudding cups, you name it. Back in those days I thought I’d really miss having littles and celebrating all of the little things.

Well, last year brought my favorite Groundhog Day antics yet! We watched Groundhog Day the night before to prepare them. And then, they woke up to find the diner breakfast for breakfast. And lunch. Aaaaand supper. It took all day for them to catch on, but the day ended with everyone in stitches.

While it didn’t have quite the same effect as last year, Groundhog Day 2022 again brought a rendition of the diner breakfast for breakfast, lunch and supper.

It started as a hearty meal. The kids head out at different times, so I served the meal on our little boards.

Lunch was more of the same.

Aaaaaaaand supper was served buffet style since we were all out and about and eating at different times.

While being a mom to a tween and teen boy can be stinky and messy, it’s also hysterical and honest and incredible. These are the days!

Beauregard “Beau” Lee, Georgia’s famous groundhog, emerged from his home in Jackson and did not see his shadow. We all offered a hip hip hooray for an early Spring down South!

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