School Night Supper {Groundhog Day Breakfast for Dinner}

Groundhog Day is just one of many obscure little “holidays” we love to celebrate around here.  Since it seems like the older they get, the less time we have in the morning (because now it’s not just getting dressed and brushing teeth but also reviewing vocab words, studying for tests and practicing presentations), we’ve been… Read More

Groundhog Day

It’s a great day to be a groundhog!  In keeping with the theme, I created our favorite rodent inspired snack for the umpteenth year in a row.  I mean, isn’t that what groundhog day is all about… getting up and doing the same thing time and again?!  While I usually adhere the little thing to… Read More

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Groundhog Day + Man Day in Review

Hip Hip HoOrAy!!! General Beauregard Lee, the South’s resident groundhog, has predicted an early Spring!! This welcome news couldn’t have come on a colder, drearier day. I don’t follow the Yankee groundhog, for obvious reasons including my staunch Southern pride. How is y’alls weather situation looking (other than the second snowstorm)??We always have some sort… Read More

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Groundhog Day!

Just by the skin of our teeth, we managed to squeeze in a little Groundhog Day lunch between a basketball game, the inaugural baseball practice of the season and supper out with Grandma Juju!  As I’ve discussed in prior years, we unwaveringly subscribe to the weather forecasting skills of our hometown and Southern bred General… Read More

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