Groundhog Day + Man Day in Review

Hip Hip HoOrAy!!! General Beauregard Lee, the South’s resident groundhog, has predicted an early Spring!! This welcome news couldn’t have come on a colder, drearier day. I don’t follow the Yankee groundhog, for obvious reasons including my staunch Southern pride. How is y’alls weather situation looking (other than the second snowstorm)??We always have some sort of little treat on Groundhog Day, but this mama underestimated the cook time on her cinnamon rolls this morning so it was kind of a fail. I had to scramble for breakfast (literally, I did eggs) when I saw the 30 minute bake time and realized my little breakfast treat would be ready precisely two minutes AFTER the littles left for school. All is not lost seeing as this afternoon snack will be waiting on their return…

DSC_0023 copy

I kind of thought this up in the grocery store, but it turned out well. I used a package of Grand’s Cinnamon Roll dough from Pillsbury. Here’s how:

  • I separated the dough into the five rolls.
  • I unrolled about 1/3 of the outside layer of the roll and then pinched it up into two ears.
  • I baked them on a greased cookie sheet, placed a few inches apart so they didn’t mush together.
  • When there was still 7 minutes left they were looking pretty brown so I threw a piece of foil on top.
  • I poured the icing on them as soon as they came out of the oven.
  • Once they had cooled slightly, I stuck the candy eyes on the icing and used two white chocolate melts for cheeks and a red m&m for the nose. I cut a strawberry in half for the bow tie. I mean, who doesn’t love a dapper groundhog?! With a name like General Beauregard Lee I can’t imagine it any other way.

DSC_0027 copy

In other news, yesterday we celebrated Man Day. Think of it as Valentine’s Day’s brother. I make Honey breakfast in bed, fetch his junk food all day, mind the littles, do mass solo, prepare his dish of choice for the big game and keep the fridge stocked with beer. Our old bestie neighbors instituted this tradition and we always have fun with it. Here’s a peek into how the day shaped up…

These get made pretty much every year… using crescent roll dough, wrap up little packages of large marshmallows and dark chocolate chips. Plop each one in a greased muffin tin and bake.


A run for the border…


A yummy dip recipe compliments of Dimples and Tangles


About 1/10th of the littles at the soiree we attended last night…


I posted last year, but couldn’t resist sharing again…


We love love loved the Coke ad. #MakeItHappy y’all. We try


Happy Monday, y’all!! #MakeItHappy

PS. I accidentally deleted a bunch of comments yesterday from my phone. If you sent me a question through the comments and didn’t get an answer, that’s why! Send again :-)

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16 thoughts on “Groundhog Day + Man Day in Review

  1. I am just popping in to thank you. I have been reading for years, but rarely comment. A few years ago I started making your fudge covered oreo groundhog cookies. My kids love them and they have become a standard part of our annual groundhog day tradition. What you did this year is precious too, of course! Thanks for sharing these clever ideas!

  2. What an adorable idea. And yes, they will make a fabulous afternoon snack on this dreary day. I too am praying for an early spring. My forsythia are already showing signs of buds as well as our blueberry bushes. Here's home we don't get another crazy snowstorm!!

  3. I scoured your blog several weeks ago looking for Groundhog Day ideas. I'm happy to say that I sent the boys off to school with Groundhog Day cookies (thin mints + eyes + mini oreo eats + mini M&M mouth) and we'll have Groundhog Day pudding for dessert tonight (similar idea as the cookie, but poking out of pudding cups). YES. I love those cinnamon rolls. Maybe next year!

  4. I had NO IDEA there was a SOUTHERN Groundhog!
    Never again, Yankee Rat…never!!
    I'll take an early spring!
    Thank you, ma'am!

  5. So. Stinkin'. Cute!!! I love the little Groundhog! And #Confession: Totally forgot today was Groundhog Day. Wonder if I have time to get some made for after school….

  6. My Littles would have preferred your groundhog sweet rolls over the oatmeal, eggwhite & banana pancake version we had. Perhaps next year when we aren't trying to to detox!!

  7. General Beauregard Lee is looking quite dapper in his bow tie, a must for any Southern marmot. I have to admit I follow both Southern & Yankee groundhogs. Since I live in Georgia, I obviously follow the General, but I have to see what Phil predicts for the rest of my siblings in cold, blustery Illinois. (Let me guess, 6 more weeks of winter). Your boys are going to love their snack. Nothing is more fun than eating an ear off a groundhog! I love the red dot plates, do you know if they're still current? Would love to use for our family Disney meals. Have a great week!

  8. I read your blog on the way to church yesterday and decided to surprise hubby with Man Day for the rest of the day…no matter that I got a late start, he absolutely loved it and it was so much fun~especially spur of the moment ideas! Thanks for sharing Man Day!

  9. I am going to listen to your groundhog. I live in CT and it is STILL snowing from last night. They also just announced that we might get another big storm or two within the next 5 days. I am retired and don't have to go out but I am sick of winter and would welcome spring as earlier as possible.

  10. Your kids will have SUCH GOOD MEMORIES of all the SPECIAL treats and meals you make for them!!

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