Groundhog Day + Man Day

A yummy pancake and hot chocolate breakfast kicked off our Groundhog Day!!  John had a sweet little friend spend the night so we were extra excited to have him here to celebrate the South’s most notorious rodent :-)

February 2014 063 copy

February 2014 066

And speaking of General Beauregard Lee, it was cheers all around when he predicted an early Spring (in contradiction to a certain Yankee groundhog).  Of course, we all know Beau has the better track record and, after this week, we are more ready for warmer days than any year in recent memory.

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As for the rest of our day, well, it was spent celebrating what’s known as “Man Day” around these parts.  Every Super Bowl Sunday, Honey does as he pleases.  Sleeping in.  Eating breakfast in bed.  Sending me off to Taco Bell for lunch.  And watching the big game.  You may be asking yourself how this is much different from any day.  It’s really not.  But I get Valentine’s Day and he gets Super Bowl day and nobody gets huffy about it.  Since it turned out to be so beautiful here, he moved a tv to the porch and we watched the game through half time with some family friends.  (By “we”, I totally mean the males in the bunch.  Bestie M and I parked ourselves in the kitch and chatted.)  I feel like we used the porch all winter last year but have barely stepped toe on it with the frigid days we’ve been having this go round.

The kids go back to school tomorrow after the whole snowpocolypse thing and I’ve got to get this house back in shape.  It’s been near anarchy around here for five and a half days.

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5 thoughts on “Groundhog Day + Man Day

  1. Fun! Game is a total blow out. Told Ron he needs to fix Peyton a good LA cocktail! LOL What a fun way to spend the morning. Looking forward to an early spring!!! Beau you best be right!!

  2. While your southern groundhog predicted an early spring, good ol' Phil up north predicted 6 more weeks of winter! Ugh…and we are in the midst of another snow storm at this very moment…well at least the kids are happy!

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