Groundhog Day

It’s a great day to be a groundhog!  In keeping with the theme, I created our favorite rodent inspired snack for the umpteenth year in a row.  I mean, isn’t that what groundhog day is all about… getting up and doing the same thing time and again?!  While I usually adhere the little thing to the inside of a hot chocolate mug, our absolutely gorgeous, 70-ish degree day called for ice cream!

DSC_0022 copy

To make the cookie, I started with a chocolate covered Oreo.  In a small bowl I melted a few chocolate chips and used that to adhere all of the pieces of the face.  The teeth are halves of mini marshmallows, the nose a m&m, the ears large chocolate chips and the eyes are candy eyeballs.  I honestly had everything on hand in my baking cabinet.  I mean, doesn’t everyone have a baggie of candy eyeballs?  In all seriousness, I love making little things special on a whim so I keep random things on hand and usually work with what I’ve got.  It requires just a few minutes of time and a wee bit of creativity, and it pays for itself in huge smiles and hugs.

Now, I’m sure y’all have heard the news by this late hour, but we were all supremely pleased with General Beaureguard Lee’s prediction of an early spring.  And his pal up North seems to be in agreement.  Yee-haw!!!  The last two days have me itching for many, many more like them.

One of my besties surprised me with a gift card for a fabulous new-ish place specializing in foot massages.  We went today and  it was ahhhh-mazing!  I promptly texted Honey a picture of the place with a little hint-hint message for Valentine’s Day.

I’ve let the littles completely neglect homework and studying this week so that they could just live outside.  I suppose I must corral them and at least pretend to adult until Honey gets home.  :-)


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4 thoughts on “Groundhog Day

  1. So cute, as always! These glorious days definitely called for ice cream. I hope they’re back quickly after the rain today! xo

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