Groundhog Day!

Just by the skin of our teeth, we managed to squeeze in a little Groundhog Day lunch between a basketball game, the inaugural baseball practice of the season and supper out with Grandma Juju! 

February 2012 003 copy

As I’ve discussed in prior years, we unwaveringly subscribe to the weather forecasting skills of our hometown and Southern bred General Beauregard Lee.  Well, call me crazy (or more kindly a wishful thinker), but I swear I heard on the news that he didn’t see his shadow and that spring was on its merry way.  I happily chalked it all out on my board and announced to the littles that we’d breaking out the shorts in no time flat when Sister, Mother and Honey called me out on the mistake.  Lee did in fact see his shadow and has thus predicted six more weeks of winter in the south.  boo.  hiss.

February 2012 006 copy

The littles dined on groundhog sammies and a variety nuts, berries and “grasses” that make up the rodent’s diet.  Who knew the Groundhog’s Garden book would prove so useful on so many fronts when the baby threw it up on the check-out table at the library at the last possible second?!?!

February 2012 007 copy

And for dessert, the littles gobbled up Punxsutawney Pudding Cups in an ode to Beau Lee’s northern rival.

February 2012 010 copy

We were thrilled when Bird popped in just in time for the celebration!!

February 2012 012

I only wish I’d had more time to love on this sweet gal before heading out to the day’s sporting obligations…
 February 2012 029 copy

It’s high time to hit the hay around these parts!

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  1. I know your unwavering support of General Beau, but Phil did not see his shadow so maybe there is hope for Spring to come soon after all ;)

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