School Night Supper {Groundhog Day Breakfast for Dinner}

Groundhog Day is just one of many obscure little “holidays” we love to celebrate around here.  Since it seems like the older they get, the less time we have in the morning (because now it’s not just getting dressed and brushing teeth but also reviewing vocab words, studying for tests and practicing presentations), we’ve been moving our favorite meal of the day to supper time more and more often.  I mean who doesn’t love a good breakfast for dinner?  It’s quick, easy and yummy.  Oh, and something my littles can almost cook all on their own!

Now, for this dinner I didn’t go with my newly mastered Perfect Pancakes.  Instead, and with the help of Krusteaz, I turned the whole shebang over to John and Honey!  They sent us a giant box of mixes and fun kitchen items like the pancake pen, whisk and more!!  We added in bacon and scrambled eggs and called it a night.

After two years of working on my pancake skills, I can honestly say I’m no stranger to the boxed pancake mix.  Oddly enough, this is one I didn’t try.  BUT we LOVED it!  It was easy enough for John to do on his own and the pancakes turned out perfectly.

Sadly, we lost the ring that seals our pancake pen a few months ago and had to toss it.  It was something I kept meaning to replace but just never did.  So we are super excited to have a new one in the house!!  We use it to make shaped pancakes, the perfect round pancake and to write out their names and ages in pancake form on birthdays and the first day of school.  Since we’ve used one for years, I have learned that they do work best with a boxed pancake mix, not a homemade recipe that is usually to thick and starts to puff up pretty quickly.

Now, back to groundhog day…  John formed and flipped six different pancakes to make the groundhog face!!!  I added the pile of bacon “logs” and the rest of the face from little things we had on hand (chocolate chips, a raspberry, white chocolate melts, mini marshmallows).  They turned out SO cute!! (You can see previous renditions of Groundhog snacks, breakfasts and lunches HERE.)

For the girl in the house (that’s me!), I used one of Disney pancake tricks to turn Mr. Groundhog into a Miss…  cut a large strawberry in half and place end to end!!

Since we have a rule that whoever cooks the meal gets to decide where we eat, John picked the bar.  It was smiles all around!!  (If we didn’t have this rule these three would always eat at the bar.  And since I almost always cook it’s almost always the kitchen or porch table.  Ha!)

Many thanks to Krusteaz for hooking us up with the fabulous mixes and kitchen tools.  We will enjoy them for a good long while!  Now, we all have our fingers and toes crossed that the South’s resident groundhog, General Beaureguard Lee, can hook us up with an early spring tomorrow morning!!


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7 thoughts on “School Night Supper {Groundhog Day Breakfast for Dinner}

  1. I love the groundhog pancakes. How cute. The pictures made me want pancakes for dinner tomorrow night. Then I remembered we’re going to a special dinner. Well, I know what’s for dinner Friday night!

  2. Hi Amanda,
    Do you mind me asking what flatware you have for everyday? I’ve been looking so long, and do like the pattern :)

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