First Day of School

Just like that another summer has come to a close and a new school year has commenced!  This is the last year until John’s senior year that I’ll have them both at the same school (can you tell this mama is in a bad state right now?).  I know it’s cliche, but time truly flies.  I picked up a few new things to use our first week back in the Target dollar spot (apple garland and paper garland) and at Home Goods (apple straws and plates).

FullSizeRender copy

And, before I knew it, our first day was here!


Because I’m reminiscing about school years past, take a gander at where we were just five years ago.

August 2011 259

We took the requisite pics out on the front porch.

DSC_2901 copy

And I continued the torture with a few more…



Before we knew it, the kids from the bus stop were arriving.  (It’s at our driveway.)  We’re up to 11 boys and 2 girls this year!  Elsa entertained the littlest ones while the bigger boys took up their standing morning basketball game routine after the summer break.




I pray that they continue to love school, that they model kindness, grace and manners, that their teachers are loving and engaging, and that this is the best year yet!

If you need me, I’ll be drowning my tears in my coffee.  I truly love every second of having them home for the summer.  There are only so many summers that we get.  These are the days.


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10 thoughts on “First Day of School

  1. Hey girl, I feel Ya! My boys are 3rd & 6th this year and we are starting that 2 different schools thing next Tuesday. Ugh. We have the same front porch picture tradition too! I’m not sure who the getting back into the school routine is harder for, the kiddos or the parents. It looks like your family had a wonderful summer, now back to the “grind.” ;)

  2. I feel exactly the same way. My youngest just started 2nd today and I cried like a crazy woman :(……how many days until Fall break??? Lol!

  3. Sending lots of hugs to you today. What a bittersweet time for so many. The boys look very handsome (I see even Elsa got her own school haircut!) and I hope they have a great first day and wonderful year ahead. (How can John be in the fifth grade?!) You are an inspiration to all of us to celebrate each and every day. Your incredible efforts to do so are a remarkable gift, not only to those around you but to thousands you have never met but are kind enough to share with. Shine on, Amanda! It’s going to be a fun, adventurous year. :-)

  4. Happy back to school, sweet friend! The years surely fly by in a hurry. I’m pray win the same thing for our school year. Hope this is the best year yet for your family! xo

  5. You have such great ideas & make things so much fun. What a great Mom you are! Put up your feet & relax a bit & enjoy these moments you have earned. Before you know it, it will be next summer!?

  6. I so understand how your Mommy heart feels! I’m a teacher, and this year is my baby’s last year in middle school and my daughter is a Junior in high school. I have already cried, and will probably do so again on their first day, which is next week. I hope everyone has a great year! Looks like y’all are off to a great start!

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