A Groundhog Day Breakfast x3 for Groundhog Day

If you’ve been around here for a while, you’ll know I love to celebrate anything. When the boys were little, Groundhog Day was no exception. I did all sorts of cutesy things over the years – teas, sandwiches, pancakes, pudding cups, you name it. Back in those days I thought I’d really miss having littles and celebrating all of the little things.

Well, after going on a Groundhog Day hiatus for a few years, I was back at it with my tween and teen! We watched Groundhog Day last night and, unbeknownst to the family, I had already carefully studied the diner breakfast and had plans to pull of my own Groundhog Day.

Early this morning I headed out in my pjs to pick up a dozen donuts, and already had pre-cooked bacon and frozen pancakes ready to go. Since it was a school day, I wanted it to be as easy as possible. I quickly scrambled some eggs and whipped up strawberry smoothies in the blender.

The family awoke to my rendition of the breakfast.

And lunch.

Aaaaaaaand supper.

It took all day for them to catch on! But when they did…

While being a mom to a tween and teen boy can be stinky and messy, it’s also hysterical and honest and incredible. These are the days!

Our resident groundhog predicts an early spring. Fingers crossed he got that right!

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10 thoughts on “A Groundhog Day Breakfast x3 for Groundhog Day

  1. That is hilarious!!! It was funny enough to recreate the breakfast, but for lunch and dinner too? That’s so awesome! I wonder if I can pull that off next year. By the way, I think the official groundhog prediction was that we will have six more weeks of winter, not an early spring. :)

  2. So cute & a perfect funny prank for their age!!😜😜 I always wonder how you manage to think ahead & execute your plans so well? I mean, I’m just barely keeping myself sane & flying by the seat of my pants!! (I have 3 tweens & 1 teen)❤️❤️

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