Celebrating St. Patrick’s Day {Top O The Morning Breakfast}

We kicked off St. Patrick’s Day with a full and festive feast! I usually don’t do so much on school days BUT was feeling inspired and I woke up to the puppy barfing at an absurd hour.

I made the cutest green shamrock waffles in the cutest little Dash waffle maker. I’ve collected a bunch of these for various holidays over the past couple of years – mostly received as gifts. My friends and family know me too well. I use a gel food coloring for vibrant colors without watering down whatever I’m making.

Honey decided it would take me “until supper to turn out enough one bite waffles” so he helped by making one regular sized waffle for himself. I look over and he says “does this make the cut for your platter”. Um…. not so much. :-) He drenched it in syrup and proclaimed it delciious.

Anyhoo…. he made bacon while I made cheese grits. We are on our second bottle of sparkle syrup. It’s so yummy and pretty fitting for this meal!

Most of my platters are Happy Everything, which is 20% off and always free shipping at A Dodson’s right now. The bacon plate is Nora Fleming (also available in the same online shop – it’s my fave!)

Hope you have a lucky day! I wish were were in Savannah celeberating.

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2 thoughts on “Celebrating St. Patrick’s Day {Top O The Morning Breakfast}

    1. It is a brioche baking dish from Williams Sonoma. But, I’ve never actually made brioche so I use it as a serving bowl. :-)

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