Celebrating Easter {Our Front Porch Entry}

I have so enjoyed watching Spring gently unfold in my yard and neighborhood. Over the last week, green is popping up everywhere and it sure does feel cheerful. Of course, our warm 82 degrees today felt amazing too!

The monogrammed crest is new from TomTom & Co. I needed another door hanger like I need a hole in the head, but I just couldn’t resist! I attached it to a wreath from Michael’s that I got this week at half off.

We just now have a string of warm days and cool night and may finally be out of the frost zone. I usually like to have my ferns out by now, but didn’t want to risk losing them with our spring break coming up. I’ll move the rosemary topiaries somewhere else, and probably just do some pinestraw around them when I pull up the pansies.

I purchased the matching ribbon when I got the crest.

Over at the side door, I am using a cross this year. I managed to plant the two shamrocks from St. Patrick’s Day here in this pot but really need to refresh all of my annuals.

I’ve added a few Easter touches inside and can’t wait to share with you in the coming days!

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2 thoughts on “Celebrating Easter {Our Front Porch Entry}

  1. Love your new door hanger…. I cant resist a beautiful door hanger myself! We had several below freezing nights in central VA this past week and it really hurt one of my early blooming azaleas. I did manage to cover my hydrangeas and peonies and they look okay thankfully. This seems to happen every Spring in my area. We will have warm days and everything starts to bloom and then a cold front comes in and creates havoc.

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