Kentucky Road Trip {Lex > Lou: Mary Todd Lincoln House, Louisville Slugger Factory Tour}

Our fourth day in Kentucky brought our move from Lexington to Louisville!

Kentucky Road Trip
Lexington: Keeneland & Buffalo Trace Distillery
Lexington: Keeneland Spring Meet Race Day
Lexington > Louisville: Mary Todd Lincoln House, Louisville Slugger Factory Tour
Mammoth Cave National Park
Lexington: The Campbell House Hotel
Louisville: The Brown Hotel
Kentucky Derby At Home Dinner Celebration
Kentucky Derby Dinner Recipes

Campbell House

My Saturday started in my favorite way to start a vacation day – coffee and a long phone call with my bestie! I snuggled up by the fire at Campbell House while the boys slept in. Vacation is time off for the whole family, not just me, and they all work super hard at school, work, sports, volunteering, church and life too. I like to give them time in the mornings to sleep in, a break in the afternoon to recharge, and sometimes a pass to skip an activity that completely disinterests them. <3

Mary Todd Lincoln House

Speaking of the “pass”, I was the sole member of the W family that wanted to tour the Mary Todd Lincoln House. Honey is a dear and happily agreed to go with me after nobody else volunteered as tribute. We left the boys to shower and pack while we took the tour. I’ve been reading two books about Mary Todd Lincoln’s life and was very much looking forward to the tour!

It turns out that there were only a few original pieces of furnishings and a few artifacts that had been donated by the family. It was still worthwhile as I love learning about history, the people that came before me, and the USA.

Seeing the monogrammed china mentioned in the books I’m reading was such a fun treat and a highlight for me that Honey didn’t appreciate. :-)

Great Bagel & Bakery

We woke up to full blown snow which put a bit of a crimp in our plans to walk around the University of Kentucky. We did a slow drive instead. When John spied a solid stream kids in UK gear coming in and out of Great Bagel & Bakery (in the snow!), he decided that was precisely where we should eat breakfast. It wasn’t on the plan, but we all enjoyed it. Honey and I could have been the parents to every other patron but the boys thought that was fun.

Louisville Slugger Factory & Museum

After a brief stop at the Brown Hotel to drop our things, we were off to the Louisville Slugger Factory and Museum. The factory tour was extremely interesting and would be fun for any fan of baseball! We all loved learning that the beloved bats have been made in Louisville, Kentucky USA since 1884. The factory is a real, working factory and getting a peek behind that curtain was fascinating.

Old Seelbach Bar

The boys took a break in the room while Honey and I walked a few blocks for happy hour at the Old Seelbach Bar. I ordered the Seelbach Cocktail that I’ve read about many times over the years in Southern Living, Garden and Gun, and so on and so forth. I’d hoped for a glimpse of The Lady in Blue, but no such luck on this visit. :-)

Jack Fry’s Dinner

We ended our day over a spectacular dinner at the Louisville staple, Jack Fry’s. Many of you recommended this to us and we thoroughly enjoyed it, as Kentuckians have been doing since 1933. It was also another stop on our Kentucky Bread Pudding Trail, much to Whit’s delight! :-)

We’ve got one more day of fun to cover, and then I’ll share details on our two hotels!

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