Wanderlust {Cape May, New Jersey}

A lacrosse tournament will bring us to West Windsor New Jersey this summer and we decided to tack on a few days to enjoy Cape May! I have places to stay but haven’t planned a thing outside of that. I always love checking in with YOU to make sure we don’t miss a thing!

We love culture, cuisine, history and adventure and are game for pretty much anything. We’ll be in Cape May for 3 days and West Windsor for 2 more. If there’s anything you think I should add to our list, I’m all ears!

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8 thoughts on “Wanderlust {Cape May, New Jersey}

  1. We love Cape May! We actually got engaged just about right where this photo is and we even know the owners of the beautiful green home in the photo. I’d suggest Congress Hall to stay, you’ll love the ambiance. Breakfast is a must at Uncle Bills, though our favorite restaurant recently closed (The Blue Claw) sadly but I am sure you will get other great recommendations. Honestly, enjoy the beach and just walking the town (the walking mall is so fun) and it’s the perfect beach town in the summer. You will have so much fun! DM if you want more info, much of my husband’s family comes to the area for the summer. XO, Amy

  2. Cape May is so charming! You must visit Congress Hall, try a winery tour (Cape May winery is good and not far off the beaten path), check out Ocean City for a great boardwalk experience and Wildwood for an *interesting* boardwalk experience and amusements. Enjoy!!

  3. How great that you’re coming to NJ! I wish I could give you some tips but I’ve never been to Cape May believe it or not! We go to the beach further up the coast. As far as West Windsor goes – it’s a very small town with not much to do. Though, Princeton is close by so I’d head up there! I’ll try to think of some more things to do in the area. Have fun planning your trip!

  4. Oh I just love Cape May! It’s the oldest vacation resort in the country! Theres lot of cute Victorian homes in town. You can tour the Emlen Physick estate, so beautiful. There’s walking ghost tours at night. Lots of cute shops in Washington Square mall. Most summer nights there’s a flag ceremony on Sunset Beach. Veteran casket flags are flown and there is a small ceremony at the end of the day when they take them down. It’s not far so you could bike there. Check out the lighthouse while you’re there too. Lots of water activities-fishing, parasailing, jet skiing. Wildwood’s not too far but you’d have to drive. I honestly don’t love Wildwood, but my kids love the boardwalk so your boys might too. Money’s Pier and Mariner’s Landing are the 2 main action spots. There’s rides, water parks, games, lots of shore food. Mack’s is a popular pizza place. The Cape May-Lewes ferry that takes you to Lewes, De, another one of my summer favorites.

  5. Be sure to take a walk on the grounds of Princeton University ……. then let us know if it reminds you of a certain boarding school for wizards, LOL!

    While in Cape May, be sure to have dinner at the Blue Pig tavern at Congress Hall or if you don’t have the time, just stop by for a drink at the Brown Room at Congress Hall. It is a beautiful class hotel full of history.

    Another not to be missed for history lovers.. visit the Naval Air Station Museum in Cape May/Wildwood.

  6. West Windsor is very close to Princeton Junction and the area around the university is lovely. Princeton has a beautiful campus and the adjacent downtown shopping area is great. You’re also just a short distance away from New Hope, PA! New Hope is amazing and definitely worth a trip even if it’s a little bit out of the way.

  7. Having been to Cape May twice, I think you are going to adore this beautiful beach town and its magnificent Victorian homes which are preserved so well. One of the best waterfront restaurants is the Lobster House and no trip to Cape May would be complete without it. I would suggest you do the trolley tour and the Cape May lighthouse tour. However, one of the most beautiful lighthouses I have been to is the Hereford Inlet Lighthouse which is up the road in nearby Wildwood. It is a beautiful Victorian lighthouse and full of history! I will tell you we went to Cape May once in early July and the water was still freezing cold so I would opt for lodgings with a heated pool if swimming were important.

  8. Ditto on Princeton and New Hope, PA while in WW. I grew up in Princeton and live in New Hope. Don’t just hang out in West Windsor because it’s a nice place, but not what you travel to see.

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