Celebrating Twenty

Twenty years ago today I walked down this beautiful aisle to exchange I Dos with Honey. It’s gone by in a blink.

I had so much fun looking through old pictures to find a few from our “big” anniversaries.  This was our five year anniversary. We had just arrived in St. Lucia.

Sister took these beautiful pictures of us in her courtyard on our 10th anniversary.  We drove off in the Jeep for a night at the beautiful Serenbe Inn.

For our 15th anniversary, Sister once again stepped in with the camera. That year in our own backyard.

We’ve done so much in our twenty years together, with our proudest moments involving raising our family.  I’m not so naïve as to think we get it all right, but I do know these two are wholly and completely loved by their parents.

And, of course, we got the cherry on top!  Anna Dasher keeps us in laughs and snuggles. Both of these babies love us all more than we deserve.

In addition to our boys and puppies, we share a mutual love of reading, murder mystery shows, cheering on our home teams and kid sports teams, Georgia Tech, cards and puzzles, Disney, Alanis Morisette and Zac Brown, movie nights, game nights, seafood and sushi, road trips, seeing the USA, sudoku, worlde, costume parties, pool lounging and math.  

Honey is smart, hardworking and honest.  He’s also so incredibly patient and tenderhearted and kind.  And I think he’s incredibly handsome.  Some days I can hardly believe he’s mine – I still remember the first time I laid eyes on him on my first day of college!  He was dating an older ZTA who was tall and skinny and had long blonde hair.  I never would have guessed that we’d go on our first date three and half years later.

A friend recently and sincerely asked me how we did two decades. This guy made it easy. I’ve been thinking about the question for a few days now and I love that we put each other first in everything. Every day.

I look forward to growing very, very old with this man.  Happy 20 years, Honey!

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10 thoughts on “Celebrating Twenty

  1. Happy Anniversary! Beautiful photos through the years – some amazing memories, I’m sure! I love how you have so much in common…even math! I am not a math person but my husband is. Early on in our relationship, he wanted to randomly do math problems with me. I must say, I was horrified but we ended up together anyway! – Ha! Cheers to you both!

  2. We celebrated 54 years last December. I am firmly convinced that having Jesus as the cornerstone of a marriage is crucial to a happy marriage. Also, forgiveness and spending quality time together, not time together but on electronic devices. Happy anniversary to you both🥰

  3. Happy Anniversary! Forty-nine years married and I believe as with all the choices we make in life, sometimes we just get lucky. Best wishes for many more happy years together.

  4. Congratulations to both of you for the beautiful life you have created. May God bless you always. ❤️🥂❤️ And now, here’s my annual plea to see a photo of your wedding cake! 🍰🍾🍰 XOXO Jane ~ San Diego

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