Oh, The Places You’ll Go

At the conclusion of John’s kindergarten year, I purchased a copy of Oh, the Places You’ll Go! and had his sweet teacher write him a little note. The tradition continued through the years, and I even started Whit’s book in pre-school. I collected so many memories from those precious years!

When John reached middle school and had seven teachers I started asking only his two favorites. And then, when the boys were virtual for the end of their 5th and 8th grade years, I asked the favorite teachers if they would email something for the books. These requests were always met with such eagerness and happiness. Some asked to mail hand written cards and others emailed me a note to print. I glued these in their books with the rest.

While we’ve been back in school for the last two years, I didn’t have any luck getting notes or replies from any of their favorites. So, I reimagined the book yet again! I thought about writing in it myself, but then decided that a picture is worth a thousand words. And a picture with words must be worth that ten fold :-) I dug up all of their last day of school “chalkboard” pictures, printed each and every one, and glued them in the books.

I love how this collection of memories, sentiments and photos has unfolded, and can hardly believe I’ll be surprising John with his book in less than two years. I think we will add even more to it with signatures at his graduation party. How’s that for planning ahead?!

I hope the boys love having these to look back on, and maybe even use them in a book collection for their kids one day. :-) I can hardly believe our summer is almost over!

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8 thoughts on “Oh, The Places You’ll Go

  1. These are such wonderful keepsakes and you’ve made them even more special with the photos against the whimsical illustrations! I still have a letter from my fourth grade teacher and know the boys’ books will become even more cherished to them throughout their lives. (I’ve refrained from commenting on the non-responsive teachers!) Jane ~ San Diego

  2. Dear Amanda,
    Awwww. I love these books! Those teachers who took the time to respond are the best! And you are too, for this special keepsake.
    Love, Marme

  3. I’m so sad that some teachers chose not to respond to your request. I know how difficult teaching is now but a short note takes less than 5 minutes. Shame on them.

  4. This is a great idea that I’m immediately going to copy for my 4 year old boy! (Also, teachers didn’t respond?! Good gravy.)

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