Passport To Your National Parks {Information, Tips & Tricks}

We love recording our visits to National Parks in the Passport to Your National Parks. This small, spiral bound travelogue easily fits in your backpack and is a wonderful way to track your visits and memories of our national parks. The passport is organized by region and provides space for stamps and stickers in each region. The guide lists national parks, historic sites, battlefields, monuments, memorials and trails.

Many sites offer both a cancellation stamp and a sticker. The stamp is dated and available in the visitor center. Some larger National Parks offer multiple stamps in different locations.

The stickers are usually available in the gift shop. Some locations will have a single sticker, while others are included in a dated set. Either way, they only cost a few dollars. Our favorite stamp and sticker we’ve collected was from Glacier Bay National Park!

Over the years, I’ve learned a few tips and tricks. First, in most of the National Park gift shops – where they sell the stickers – they also sell a strip of 3 blank circle stickers. I keep a strip of these in my wallet and they have come in handy on more than one occasion when we for got to bring the book! They cost $1 and you can use them to capture your dated visitor stamp and then put it in your book afterwards.

If you’ve been visiting national parks and historic sites and wish you’d purchased the book years ago, ME TOO! We spent an afternoon hunting down stickers in the Passport Shop. We went back through photos to figure out what dates we visited and just wrote them in the book.

It is a great, inexpensive and fun way to keep the kids engaged in seeing and exploring our great country. We are sharing one as a family, rather than keeping up with multiples.

We’re headed to Arizona and Utah next summer and can’t wait to keep filling up the book!

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One thought on “Passport To Your National Parks {Information, Tips & Tricks}

  1. I loved the National Park passport so much that I also bought the larger edition. My passport was getting filled, and I wanted more space for the stickers. Now I keep both of them going, but only travel with the small one. It’s so fun!

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