Favorite Addition to the Pool this Summer

I tell you what, after not being able to use the pool last summer due to my MRSA infection, I have absolutely LOVED it this summer! I wanted to pop in and share my favorite addition from summer 2022…


The table was entirely Mother’s idea and they have completely changed my pool lounging experience. They are quite sturdy, easily attach to an umbrella pole, and handily hold a cell phone, cup and book.

I have used this $19 table non-stop since I slid it up the pole!

Now, not being able to leave well enough alone, I told Honey that I wished there was a way to have a cheap table like this without always having to have the umbrella in the water. And he delivered!

I had purchased two tables since I have two umbrellas and four chairs now. He fashioned this for the second table! It is simply a length of PVC pipe at “pool table” height. The PVC size needed to fit the table left it too wobbly in the hole, so he added a second larger piece of PVC that slips over and fills it in!

I am so so so pleased with this set up, and look forward to at least two more months of swimming here on the surface of the sun in Georgia. :-)

You can have yourself a few of these tables in two days flat. UMBRELLA TABLE

My other favorite thing from this summer is Shaved Ice!! I’m still thoroughly enjoying it, although I am seriously trying to get my life back on track (eating healthy, exercising, you know the drill) and resist having one daily. LOL.

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3 thoughts on “Favorite Addition to the Pool this Summer

  1. Those umbrella tables are great. For your shaved ice you could consider using a sugar free drink mix, like you add to bottled water. Mix them up and freeze the flavored water to produce flavored ice pucks. Then shave those. There are good flavors like Crush and Starburst, then it is a less guilty treat.

  2. This table is amazing and brillaint. Thank you so much for sharing. I was bracing myself for the price, and I almost fell over when I read how inexpensive it was. I’m off to order one right now.

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