Memory Lane {25 Years Ago, Diana & The Queen}

Twenty-five years ago I was studying at University of Oxford in England. On weekends, along with my peers, we packed up and hit the road. Most of our time was spent in London, as a friend’s father had a flat there. However, we also ventured out all over England, and into France, Scotland and Ireland. We were in London when Princess Diana died – and for her funeral – and it was one of the most surreal times of my life. One of my first memories of growing up was Mother waking me up to watch her wedding when I was only five. With the Queen’s death and milestone anniversary of Diana’s death, I was prompted to dig up my memory book.

Buckingham Palace was a sea of people for days.

The flowers, cards and gifts filled the lawn all the way up to my knees for as far as the eye could see.

I still remember these pointe shoes.

There were memorials all over Europe. At Harrods:

In the streets of Dublin:

I have followed so closely the mourning period after Her Majesty’s death. It is fascinating and heart wrenching. Two things that have stood out to me – that Kate is the first Princess of Wales since Diana and that 80% of the Commonwealth has known no queen other than Elizabeth. What have you found interesting and remarkable in the past few days?

And, finally, a funny amongst the melancholy.

God Rest the Queen.

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4 thoughts on “Memory Lane {25 Years Ago, Diana & The Queen}

  1. I had no idea you were studying at the University of Oxford during the time when Princess Diana tragically died. Although a sad time in history, I know it was something to experience firsthand being there. It is hard to believe it was 25 years ago and I know during this time of loss of their beloved grandmother, William and Harry are reliving some of the past as they greet the public at Buckingham Palace. It’s kind of strange because Queen Elizabeths funeral will be held on our 35th wedding anniversary (Sept 19th) and my brother/SIL are currently in South Africa which was where Queen Elizabeth was when her father the King suddenly died.

  2. Off-topic but love the 90s photo of you.
    Last-best decade! Snd You had to wait for your film your film develop. Those were days!

  3. What an interesting life you have led! One of the things I have admired while following your blog and instagram is that you reach out and embrace the best in life and are determined that your children will have these great experiences as well.

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