Happy Thanksgiving

For the first time in forever, and for a variety of reasons, we hosted Thanksgiving this year! Eleven of us gathered all day long, eating, puzzling, napping, watching football, playing football, dancing, cooking and cleaning.

We started with Thanksgiving Punch, served in my grandma’s punch bowl, and also had hot apple cider.

John works at Honey Baked Ham and earned a HUGE ham AND smoked turkey for his hard work over the busy Thanksgiving holiday. He also used his employee discount, and his own money, to contribute broccoli, macaroni and cheese and a cheesecake to our feast. Whit made his delicious Maple Cheesecake and CeeCee made Creamed Corn. The other dish of note was my brother in law’s unique and delicious dressing made of Krystal burgers! Having the kids contribute so much to our meal made it one of the most special Thanksgivings I’ve had in a very long time.

It was a beautiful and festive gathering.

I hope you and yours enjoyed a wonderful day of family, fellowship and food.

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6 thoughts on “Happy Thanksgiving

  1. Amanda,
    It looks like you and your family had a great Thanksgiving get-together! I love the picture of all the “girls” in your family including Elsa & Anna Dasher. I almost made Whit’s maple cheesecake again this Thanksgiving but because it was also my sister’s birthday on Thanksgiving, we did ice cream cake, but I will be making it by popular demand again for Christmas dinner.

    FYI…..I just wanted to let you know that I told my husband about how much you love your heated mattress pad and that was he needed to hear and ordered one that same day. He is very cold-natured and has bad circulation in one of his feet that was injured in his younger days in a motorcycle wreck. It has dual controls because I usually sleep hot and did not want to be run out of the bed. It came yesterday so when I change the linens today, it will be going on. I sure hope he enjoys his as much as you have yours. Have a wonderful holiday season.

    1. My mother in law!!! <3 My father in law passed away when whit was an infant. My sister in law's dad died right before Thanksgiving and they didn't feel up to coming.

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