HOCO 2022 {Festive Fun}

John’s school celebrated homecoming week last month with the pomp, circumstance and well intended debauchery I remember from my teen years. You see, homecoming week is also junior v senior prank week around here. Our house was rolled not once, not twice, but THREE times. The kids had the best time heading out on missions. Everyone kept it on the up and up – no eggs, nothing harmful. One morning John’s car was covered in post it notes. Another day we had messages in shaving cream on the driveway. When we asked John why teens these days are so weak at rolling houses, he blamed it on the ring cameras. Said they have to get in and out and have no time. :-)

I missed the parade (Whit was home with a fever), but understand it was a great time! I loved seeing the Junior class float. They all had a Disney theme this year, which I can get behind. :-)

The Raiders brought home the W for the big game and a great time was had by all!

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