CeeCee Turns Ten!

I can hardly believe my precious niece and “bestie” turns TEN today! It truly feels like yesterday when I first held and laid eyes on this precious girl at Piedmont Hospital. It was there in her recovery room that Sister said to me “we can share her”. And from that moment forward, I’ve always been welcomed and included in the big and small times in raising and celebrating little Cee.

In celebration of her big day, she wanted to have lunch in the food court and shop at the mall. Then, have dinner at her favorite restaurant. I joined them there and had the very best time!

CeeCee is smart, well spoken, hard working, intuitive, tender-hearted, and funny. She loves ballet, babies, Disney, makeup, shopping for clothes, cooking, crafting and helping out around the house. The past decade has been my joy and pleasure to watch her grow into such a delightful young lady! I look forward to many, many more celebrations!

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