January Junk Out Jamboree 2023

After a hiatus in 2022, my January Junk Out Jamboree is in full swing. Believe me, I can tell that I took a year off of the deep cleaning and organization.

I made a list of 31 areas to clean, purge and organize. I find doing it this way is so much more manageable and motivating. I don’t necessarily go in order. Instead, I pick a task – big or small – that can reasonably be accomplished with whatever other commitments I have that day. My list goes into my notebook that never leaves my sight.

Here is my 2023 list:

  1. garage shelf and lockers
  2. garage closets and repaint door
  3. mudroom
  4. kitchen cabinets and touch up paint
  5. kitchen pantry
  6. kitchen lights (basically dust and clean the bulbs) and oven
  7. polish copper pots
  8. hall closet
  9. den baskets and lights
  10. dining room light
  11. polish silver
  12. living room cabinets and desk
  13. office closet
  14. office drawers and cabinets
  15. porch
  16. john’s closet and clean all bedding
  17. john’s drawers and desk
  18. whit’s closet and clean all bedding
  19. whit’s drawers and desk
  20. guest room closet
  21. guest room drawers and armoire
  22. master closet
  23. master drawers and clean all bedding
  24. fridge in kitchen and garage
  25. master bath and refill toiletries
  26. boy’s bath and refill toiletries
  27. guest bath cabinets
  28. laundry room
  29. basement cabinets
  30. powder room
  31. my car and purse

Do you do an annual cleaning challenge like this? I used to do mine at lent, but was motivated to start in January a while back and loved getting off on a fresh, clean start!

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