Valentine’s Day Fun {Heart Attack}

I’ve been sharing our Valentine’s “Heart Attack” since 2012 here on the blog, and even more than a decade later, it is one that never gets old. You really only need paper and something to write with, and it takes just a few minutes of time each day.

Since I live a real, in the moment life (as opposed to a blog life where my house is decorated for Christmas in August and we do Valentine’s in December), I usually share fun things like this too late for you to implement. Well, this year you get ONE day advance notice :-) I am headed out of town tomorrow and did a little pre-work before my trip. I dug through my construction paper and card stock and cut out 14 hearts for each of boys. I went ahead and pre-wrote the hearts for my trip so that Honey can tape them to their walls each morning.

Some years I stick love notes all over the boys’ doors to wake up to on Valentine’s Day. This year I’ll do one each from February 1 – 14.

Let’s do this y’all!

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