Happy Valentine’s Day

Happy Valentine’s Day! With a whole lot of things going on today, we didn’t have time to sit down to a fun breakfast. Instead, I set out a few treats the for the boys that I had a lot of fun picking out for them.

I first found the Meat Hearts at Manly Man Co. They were pricey for what they are, but SO stinking cute. The boys loved them! Knowing how much Whit loves Wednesday, a friend tagged me in a post for these cookies from I Canita Cake. I ordered the set right away. John isn’t a big fan of iced cookies, so I picked up two of their snickerdoodles (his current fave cookie).

Our first event of the evening was a competition for Whit’s middle school symphony orchestra. WOW – they were absolutely amazing. I cannot wait to hear how they did.

We were then off to watch the Raiders put up a W in varsity lacrosse. John had a great game and I was glad we were able to see both boys do what the love on a day designed for love.

Knowing that we’d be eating Chick-fil-A drive through this evening, I put together this pretty board over the weekend.

And, of course, we had our early Valentine’s family celebration with Instead of Flowers.

Today marked our 25th Valentine’s Day together. We had our own fun date night to Atlanta’s newest steakhouse over the weekend.

Unconventional or not, I hope that you were able to spend today exactly as you wanted. I wouldn’t trade these moments for the world!

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