Valentine’s Day Fun {Simply Flower Arrangement + Video}

I made a sweet and simple arrangement as the centerpiece of our at-home Valentine’s Day dinner with Instead of Flowers. In the video below, you can see just how quick and easy it was!

For those that prefer photos (me, me, me!), here is the step by step.

Gather your supplies – I used a vase, scissors, scotch tape and flowers.

Since my vase is so plain, I used tape to wrap it with a piece of lacy ribbon. I tied the napkins with the same ribbon.

I usually work with flowers all in the same shade. I find this makes a lovely arrangement every time! I look for something big (rose or hydrangea), something medium sized and greenery that will give a little height on top, as well as spill over some on bottom.

This was hard to photograph, but since my vase has such a wide opening, I created a simple grid across the top of it with scotch tape. This keeps everything standing up nicely.

Next, start with your largest flower. Don’t cut the stems too long – that is something I see often. You want to see flowers everywhere, not stems poking out.

Next, add in your medium flowers / berries.

Finally, tuck in greenery. Leave it a little taller on top. Also, push some around the outsides of the vase and let it droop over.

And voila! You’re done!

You can see more from our at-home Valentine’s meal, as well as get a discount code in this post!

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