Royal Caribbean {Grand Cayman Port Adventures}

Our first day in port was spent in George Town, Grand Cayman. It was an absolute picture perfect day to get out and adventure! We started by meeting our driver and heading to the West Bay.

We headed down a shady, nearly hidden beach path to find four gorgeous horses waiting for us on a private adventure.

We saddled up and rode along a pristine white sand beach, all the way to the tip as far as we could see.

Once we reached the end, we soaked up the sun while our guide tied off the horses and took off their saddles.

The absolute highlight was riding into the ocean! The horses absolutely loved it – they were giddy with excitement. They walked, trotted and swam with us on their backs. What an INCREDIBLE experience!

We loved this adventure SO much and didn’t stop smiling the rest of the day.

Back on our own two feet, our guide dropped us at a delicious oceanfront spot for lunch. We marveled at our adventure while dining on lobster rolls, conch fritters and coconut shrimp.

It was a perfect day in Grand Cayman and we spent every possible minute ashore before taking the last tender back to the ship.

Royal Caribbean made for the perfect spring break trip for our group of 11 with 5 teenagers. The group had time to do things together, but also plenty of opportunities to do things as individual families. There are staterooms for a variety of budgets, which is perfect when dealing with a larger group. Royal Caribbean has a massive fleet of ships and all are not created equal. I am very excited to talk to my clients about Royal Caribbean and my family cannot wait to get onboard their newest ship, the Icon, ASAP!

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