CeeCee’s Recital 2023

Our precious little CeeCee was a shining star in her recital this year! This was her first recital as a company member and her performance night was just spectacular with the level of talent. We got to see her ballet, modern and jazz. I just adore these studio photos and can’t even get over how big she is!

She was right at the front in ballet and was so beautiful I could cry.

Our photo with her is on Sister’s phone but I did capture this one after the show with her Lala and Epaw.

I love being her auncie and bestie so much. It is one of my greatest blessings.

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6 thoughts on “CeeCee’s Recital 2023

  1. Amanda, your parent both look great!! Love they coordinated!! Cece, is beautiful and quite accomplished!! So happy you get to enjoy being the “auncie” of a little girl!! You have a beautiful, supportive family!! I didn’t see Jay, but know he was just as handsome as Cece is beautiful!! Hugs!! Norma

  2. She is beautiful..,.thank you for always sharing her recital pictures. I hope your Dad has not been sick he’s lost so much weight. I know you were all so proud of your little dancer….who is growing up so much! 🩰

  3. I am thrilled that CeeCee is continuing the family tradition of beautiful and talented ballerinas.

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