Ciao Summer {Last Day of School Supper}

I used to kick off the first moments of summer with a snack immediately following the Walk of Fame. With the boys coming and going at different times from school the past SIX years, I moved it to a last day of school supper! It usually takes one little spark of an idea to come up with the theme. This year, it was John saying he would like to try chicken parmesan and our impending summer trip to Italy. From there, our Ciao Summer dinner was born!

This meal couldn’t have been any easier. Serendipitously, my lax moms text thread mentioned just last weekend how delicious the takeaway chicken parm was at our local butcher shop. Easy peasy! I threw together a caprese salad and boiled a pot of spaghetti to feed the hungry teens.

I almost stopped at the gelato shop for a pint, but even that seemed too much during this crazy time of year. A box of Italian ice from the grocery store hit the spot!

I didn’t purchase anything decor wise. Inspired by the Italian flag, I pulled out a red striped table cloth for the buffet table and green napkins. Done!

It’s pretty hard to pin down two teenagers these days. I wasn’t sure exactly when we’d sit down to eat, even after making both of them promise to be home for supper. Whit was at a friend’s house and John was playing soccer with his friends. Likely by sheer luck, they both showed up at home within minutes of each other. We ate, talked and enjoyed just enough time around the table before they were off again.

These are precious days. John is taking history online and still working at the Honey Baked Ham. Whit’s high school (mostly) does not allow online summer classes, so he plans to take full advantage of free time on the golf course. Both boys are playing for the same regional lacrosse team (wonders never cease!) There’s no time quite as special as being a teenager with an entire summer ahead of you. I remember those days so fondly.

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7 thoughts on “Ciao Summer {Last Day of School Supper}

  1. I would love to know your recipe for that delicious looking salad? That looked like a perfect plate! ❤️

    1. Oh gosh, no recipe! I cut up a bunch of tomatoes I had left over from a party. Cut up fresh mozzarella and basil. Drizzled with balsamic vinegar and olive oil, salt and pepper!

  2. My daughter is studying in Rome next semester and I will be visiting at some point. Excited to follow your trip!

    Is your youngest attending a different high school than your oldest?

  3. We will also be in Italy this summer! I hope you have fun and I hope you’re a tiny bit ahead of us so I can follow on Instagram and get a peek. ;)

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