Celebrating Independence Day {Scenes from the Weekend}

While Honey and I both worked on the 3rd, we still enjoyed an absolutely wonderful, very low key, festive holiday weekend. We barely left the house!

Sister’s family and my bestie’s family joined us to grill and watch fireworks. We discovered last year that we could see them from our hot tub, so that is exactly what we did!

We spent hours in the pool every day!

Honey and Whit have been giving Anna “swimming lessons”. Ha! She can absolutely swim but she won’t get in the water on her own.

Our little entrepreneur friend brought over Luke’s Scoops! He handmakes his ice creams from real ingredients and has the cutest set up.

Speaking of food, boy did we eat! I made this delicious caprese dip from last summer.

We sipped on a pitcher of Summer Rose Sangria all weekend.

We made loaded up bloody mary’s with some cookout leftovers. OMG – so good!

Sister’s family brought over a BBQ feast today!

I made brown butter rice krispie treats with a festive box I found on clearance.

And we cranked out the snow cones!

It was the best kind of weekend and just what we were needing. My only regret is that John was away with friends. He had a marvelous time so that makes me happy too!

I hope you spent the weekend doing exactly what you wanted to do! Happy Independence Day!

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3 thoughts on “Celebrating Independence Day {Scenes from the Weekend}

  1. Please share the recipe or details on the deviled eggs that Sister brought. It looks like paprika and red pepper flakes on top but I can’t figure out the actual filing. 🤔 They look delicious! 🥚🥚🥚 CeeCee looked adorable and so grown up! 😭 I loved this post! 🇺🇸 Thanks, Jane 🌴

    1. Well, Sister doesn’t really “cook”. She is more like Sandra Lee from Semi Homemade :-) She bought them at Jim ‘n Nicks and drizzled them with olive oil, paprika and red pepper!

      1. Ahhh, yes… I forgot (😄) but she sure can embellish things like a pro! Her cakes have always been cleverly decorated. Thanks so much, Amanda. 🤗

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