Back to School Daze

I know it’s early, but August means back to school season here in Georgia! I’ve packed up the flags and fish and flower door hangers that were remnants of summer and pulled out the school things!

We pulled out all of the diseased and overgrown shrubs in our front beds and it looks SO bare now. We have more to add in the fall. My crepe myrtle is blooming making quite a mess on the front porch – but she’s so pretty I forgive her.

Neither of mine have ridden the bus for a few of years now, but I will use this for many Augusts to come. I miss those mornings where the neighborhood kids would all play basketball in my driveway while waiting on the bus.

The dogs got their festive bows too!

Over at the garage door I have a cute apple. Both the bus and the apple were from Bronwyn Hanahan on etsy years ago.

Enjoy the rest of your summer! Our week is full of open houses and socials!

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One thought on “Back to School Daze

  1. Making Memories that last a lifetime! It is a fast paced, busy, fun stage of life! Thanks for including us in the adventures. Praying protection and blessings on you all!

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