Raider Ball

Just before school started, I was thrilled to lead the charge in decorating for the Inaugural Raider Ball to benefit John’s school’s football program! The fact that I don’t have a player made it even more special and flattering that they asked me to help. A tremendous amount of work and planning went into the event by sweet friend KD and the evening was a roaring success.

I enlisted bestie M as my sidekick for decor and we had the best time coming up with ideas that were budget friendly, festive and felt more grown up than what you might find at a kid football party. We had the entire club for this formal event that included dinner, open bar, full band, dancing and a silent and live auction.

The evening before we ordered Mexican from our favorite and conned our husbands into helping us. We arranged a couple hundred hydrangeas, made 13 centerpieces for the table buy-outs (they took their centerpieces home), and additional arrangements for the bar and buffet. We also set up a photo backdrop which was a huge hit. The afternoon of the event we regrouped at the club and set it all up, fueled by Bloody Mary’s. :-)

It was an amazing night for the Raiders! We are already looking forward to next year!

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One thought on “Raider Ball

  1. How pretty! All of you look fabulous and your dresses stole the show! Honey looked quite spiffy and his bow tie was perfect! ❤️💙❤️💙 The backdrop looked so elegant with the floaty fabric. 😃 Jane 🌴

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